Jackie Ryan Art


Jackie Ryan is an art historian who wished to share the joy of living and working with Irish Art. In order to bring focus to the art, the branding and identity was kept clean and simple. To reference the printed nature of Jackie’s work a ‘frame’ was brought into the logo. This was then worked into a logomark to allow for a clear identity on both printed and digital materials. Noto Sans and Ubuntu were chosen as the typefaces for their legibility and lack of overt characteristics. This allows for many types of prints to be on the site without clashing against the typefaces. A digital first approach was taken with an emphasis on mobile users. The website was created with a user centric approach to allow easy access to all printed materials that are sold throughout the site. Users are guided through the site by first being given an introduction to Jackie which helps to create confidence in the user which then leads them into the artwork itself. A conscious decision was made to keep Jackie’s identity monochrome to allow for the colourful artwork to contrast against it and stand out.


Building 98

We were invited by artist Martin de Porres Wright and Executive Director Mona Blocker Garcia to create a visual identity for ‘Building 98’ in Marfa, Texas. Building 98 is a project of the International Woman’s Foundation, which has operated an artist-in-residency programme there since 2002. The building includes a gallery, museum, recording studio and gallery shop.

Marfa is a small desert city in west Texas, and known as an arts hub. The Chinati Foundation, founded by artist Donald Judd (1928 – 1994) displays his huge indoor and outdoor installations there.

With much of the artwork and sculpture produced in the area being large-scale and robust, we created a symbol for Building 98 based on the architectural plan of the building, which is in Fort D.A. Russell, where it served as the Bachelor Officer Quarters and as an entertainment centre for West point Officers during World War I and the Mexican Revolution.

The symbol was designed with a 3D sculptural application in mind — a prototype was made in wood and visualized in the local desert landscape. Final construction of the sculpture will be commissioned locally.

The font used for all elements of the Building 98 visual identity is Latina Essential, a free font designed by the Latinotype foundry, based in Concepción and Santiago in Chile, which was used to reflect the client’s connections with that country.

Signage, posters, postcards, merchandise and press advertisements have been produced with ongoing publications, website and sculpture currently in development.

Scollard Doyle Design Factory ‘Projects’ — A5 book

A portfolio of selected projects by Design Factory was documented in an A5 book, which was published to accompany an exhibition of the studio’s work at the ADP Design Tour Exhibition in Tokyo in October 2017.

McGuire Glass


Peter McGuire is a glass artist whose work concentrates on using natural processes in order to create his work. Design Factory worked with Peter to generate content that was both personal and informative while visually keeping to his craft. His organic processes were reflected in the choice of the Gwyner typeface for the logo which is a humanist serif. This was then paired with Apercu, a sans serif to provide a strong typographic contrast and hierarchy. To provide an insight into Peters process, a video was produced highlighting the factors that go into creating a piece of glass art. As his work is reflective of the movement of glaciers and how they shape the landscape it was important to portray this in the video piece. This was achieved through the use of light reflected on his artwork which when the camera pans, glides across the glass surface mimicking the melting of ice. A website was also created for Peter to showcase his process and artworks. Care was taken to keep the mobile user in mind through the use of responsive design and a strong hierarchy of information.


David Rooney, ‘Bound Together’, album on CD.

Digipak for CD, inner booklet and disc onbody label were designed for Irish illustrator and artist David Rooney’s debut album ‘Bound Together’, released in March 2017.

The musicians on the album came together through a series of happy coincidences and were ‘bound together’ through the experience of recording and performing the songs on the album. ‘Bound Together’ is a track on the album, but has different origins and meanings for the artist.

Early on in the concept development for the cover art, David and I agreed that a symbol would be preferable to the usual default ‘band photo’ on the album cover — both as a highly distinctive visual device that would work across a range of analogue and digital platforms at large and very small sizes — but also as an opportunity to showcase David’s illustration skills. We we’re also looking for a symbol that was inherently made up of ‘bound together’ elements and we opted to look at the St. Brigid’s Cross, a small hand-crafted cross made from reeds or rushes, which is put up in Irish houses on 1st February to mark the beginning of Spring. They have a distinct design with a woven square centre and four radials. Similar to many Irish religious-cultural traditions, they are a mix of Christian and Pagan, with St. Brigid’s feast day coinciding with the Celtic feast of Imbolc (a Cross Quarter Day, midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox) and the design seeming to blend the Christian cross with Celtic themes.

We had no interest in the overtly Celtic or Christian aspects of the symbol — moreover David was intrigued by the woven centre square, which has Pagan origins rooted in community and togetherness, symbolising protection from outside hazards and danger. David created a pencil sketch of the central square motif and I responded with a more graphic treatment, which David finally rendered in his signature ‘scraperboard’ technique. The symbol was deconstructed throughout the design to form a grid for the typographic information on the digipak and booklet.

Whale Theatre


The brief was to design a brand identity for a new community theatre located in the heart of the seaside town of Greystones.

It was important for our client (a Greystones resident) that the new brand would have a strong community appeal.

The acts appearing in this intimate 150-seat venue would be very diverse so it was imperative that the brand would complement everything from children’s shows to serious dramatic productions and also appeal to all age groups.

In response to the brief we created an adaptable and inclusive brand to represent a new cultural hub in a vibrant coastal community.


Park at Hansfield

Park at Hansfield is a new development of 3 & 4 bedroom family homes in Clonsilla, Dublin 15. The developer approached us to help create a brand that was young, vibrant & fresh to appeal to young families and first time buyers. A large community park features within the overall design of the development and this led the look & feel of the identity design to include a floral, geometric style pattern. This illustration style has been carried throughout the brochure design and other brand collateral.

Mel Clarke, Creative Copywriter

Business cards for Mel Clarke, Creative Copywriter.

The card fronts are common, simply showing the copywriters first name ‘mel’.

There are 40 different backs, each showing a different word beginning with ‘mel’ – for example ‘melodrama’, ‘mellow’, ‘melody’ etc.

TADHG Studio

The booklet showcases 25 years of work from TADHG Studio, an award winning furniture design studio. They combine the skills of the craftsman with the very best of natural materials, in particular solid wood from sustainable sources, using traditional techniques. The vision of their clients and partners has taken them on a journey from bespoke one-off pieces of furniture, to living environments and large visual installations. The central connecting theme along this journey is their love of wood.

IUCN Green List

IUCN Green List

Global Brand Identity

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas is the new Global Standard for protected areas in the 21st Century.

The IUCN is based in Gland, Switzerland.


“We are passionate about engaging in design projects that positively affect social and environmental change. Working on the IUCN Green List visual identity gave us the opportunity to do this on a global level. It is an initiative we are very proud to be associated with.”


Scollard Doyle – Brand Identity, Website

Design Factory created a new brand identity, strategy and website for Scollard Doyle.


Scollard Doyle are a leading construction consultancy focusing on the Irish and UK market. They specialise in construction cost management, feasibility studies, procurement, project management, development advice, due diligence, project monitoring and advisory services.


Visit the updated Scollard Doyle website here.



Marina Village Greystones, Identity Design and Marketing Campaign

Design Factory created the identity and branding strategy for a new development called Marina Village Greystones. We designed promotional material for the launch, from chocolate bars to hoarding.


We wanted to convey a sense of the lifestyle using our studio knowledge that goes with living by the sea. Design Factory commissioned photographer Doreen Kilfeather to capture the charm and lifestyle of Greystones. The photos were used in a set of promotional postcards as well as for the hoarding, brochure and website.

Kilfeather’s photography, paired with Design Factory’s design communicates a sense of what it would be like to live in Greystones.

Explore the Marina Village website here.


Miesian Plaza – Brand, Identity, Print & Web

“Three Distinctive Buildings. One Iconic Address”


For Miesian Plaza, Design Factory worked closely with the project manager and architects to design and produce a brochure that was as distinctive as the project itself.

We developed their brand, hoarding, invitation and are currently working closely with the architects to create a modern, clear wayfinding system for each buildings.

Miesian Plaza is a landmark office building consisting of three distincitve buildings in the centre of Baggot Street Dublin. The buildings are being fully refurbished to establish itself as a corporate headquarters  developed to the highest specifications and set in the commerical heart of Dublin city.


Visit the website we designed for Meisian Plaza here.



Dubline – Brand, Identity, Wayfinding

Dublin Discovery trail



The Dubline will be a unique cultural and heritage walking trail running across the city from College Green to Kilmainham. We created an online report and framework plan, outlining the proposed scheme and communicating the information in an innovative and dynamic format.


Discover Dubline by visiting the website we created here.



Howley Hayes Architects – Logo, Website

Logo and website for Howley Hayes Architects, one of the leading conservation practices in Ireland.


Howley Hayes Architects is a Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland Grade 1 accredited conservation practice, with extensive experience in the care, repair, alteration and reuse of historic buildings and places. Throughout all projects completed by Howley Hayes runs a deep commitment to environmental sustainability through design and conservation. The practice has established an impressive reputation for the sensitive conservation of historic buildings and places, and has been responsible for numerous projects of national and international cultural significance.

The logo was high commended by the IDI and can be viewed here.

 View the website and identity we created by visiting here.

MCA Architects – Logo, Web Design

Logo and brand identity design for MCA Architects.


A typographic approach was taken with an emphasis on strong photography.


Discover our branding in action by clicking here.



Royal Canal Park – Identity, Web, Print

Identity, brochure and website design for the Royal Canal Park development.


Located on the banks of Dublin’s Royal Canal, design factory was tasked with creating an identity that spoke to the development the area it was situated in. This was supported through the use of a brochure and a mobile responsive website to drive customer engagement.

You can explore the Royal Canal Park identity through the website we created here.

IUCN World Conservation Congress – Sustainability, Logo, Print, Branding

Brand Guidelines & Strategy


A branding and identity design challenge to highlight the work of IUCN.



O’Hagan Design – Branding, Identity, Print

Logo and brand identity design for O’Hagan Design.


Design Factory created a new signature mark for O’HAGAN DESIGN, retailers of contemporary furniture and office/workplace systems. The symbol allows the apostrophe to cut into the upper case O, creating a unique mark. The company operates as O’HAGAN DESIGN in Dublin and O’HAGAN LONDON in the UK.



Dublin International Film Festival – Logo, Brand, Identity

Identity and Campaign for Dublin International Film Festival 2015.



Design Factory was tasked with generating a complete identity and campaign for the Dublin International Film Festival. The identity needed to be energetic and vibrant while still retaining the spirit of the previous year.




FR Kelly – Logo, Design, Brand

Logo design created for FR Kelly, European Patent and Trademark Attorneys.


For the logo, our design agency took a typographic approach to the branding and identity for FR Kelly. A warm grey is juxtaposed with a muted red to create visual interest.



An Post – Branding, Logo, Design


Design Factory was commissioned to create two stamps for An Post to celebrate music in Ireland.


An Post chose the theme of music and musical instruments to which Design Factory responded. A photographic solution was chosen to highlight the history of music within Ireland.


Further information can be viewed here.


The work was accepted into the 100 archive and can be viewed here.



Airsprings – Visual Identity, Design, Branding

A complete visual identity design for Airsprings.


Design Factory created an entire marketing suite to visually convey the identity of Airsprings. This visual identity was extrapolated across a number of different media including print, wayfinding and display stands.

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