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A selection of posters by Design Factory.



1. To celebrate our visual identity, Design Factory created a series of promotional posters. Three posters were designed, each for an individual sector. The posters aim to illustrate the importance of design within each sector. The poster series achieved a bronze award from ICAD and can be seen here.

2. Yeats exhibition: we created the identity for this exhibition which was inspired by a detail from one of Yeats’ sketches and designed all printed promotional material for the exhibition.

3. Poster for a second showing of graduate work at the NCAD Gallery during Design Week 2014.

4. & 5. The Good 50×70 jury selected 210 posters among the submissions received in response to the call for entries. The posters demonstrate greater awareness and passion for social change and for the message chosen by their partner organisations. 2357 posters were submitted from 70 countries around the world. Design Factory’s Conor Clarke and Stephen Kavanagh both had their posters selected as best in categories, Conors for ‘Play for Africa’ (Endorsed by AMREF) and Stephen’s for ‘Whale shortage: a sanctuary empties by the day’ (Endorsed by GREENPEACE) which subsequently was also used by Greenpeace Italy for one of their initiatives.

6. Conor Clarke’s poster for the exhibition Paradox Algiers: A typographic exploration by Verena Gerlach.

7. Promotional poster for a talk and presentation on Thinking + Typography by Hamish Muir + Paul Hughes at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin.



A poster series design to visually showcase the Design Factory Agency A poster design. A poster created for NCAD by design factory using. studio resources. A typographic poster by the agency design factory. An environmental poster. This was created by the graphic design studio Design Factory. A design agency based in Dublin, Ireland. A designed poster by designers in Design Factory. A poster for the Intstitute of designers Ireland. This was created by the graphic design studio Design Factory. A design agency based in Dublin, Ireland.

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